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Learning Day Workshops

9:30 - 11:30 a.m.

  1. All Children Welcome - Sunday School Best Practices
  2. Most faith communities want to be more inclusive when it comes to children with special needs and their families. It may seem like a daunting task. Where to start? What questions should we be asking? What can we do at church and in our communities to create a safe space? How can we be a welcoming place for all children? Come and join the conversation of best practices!

    Two Workshop offerings:

    Autism 101

    This presentation from Autism Calgary will give an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder and how it affects children differently. It will provide some strategies for working with children on the spectrum.

    Anne Morgan is a retired teacher/principal, and a devoted grandmother of three boys on the spectrum. She is constantly learning more about how best to support children on the spectrum, and is happy to share her knowledge, as she also learns from others.

    Through a Child's Eyes

    Come be in conversation with parents/guardians and children's leaders as we discuss ways to break down barriers and brainstorm ways to make sure all children are welcome in our programs.

    Lisa Penzo (St Andrew's) and Sheena Trotter-Dennis (Hillhurst) are experienced leaders in Children's and Family Ministry. They have hands-on and helpful information to share.

  3. Giving & Generosity - Inspire! Invite! Thank!
  4. Join David Armour, Kathy Yamashita & Kathryn Hofley to hear what's happening in the area of giving and generosity! Kathy will share her experience of the Mission & Service Global Pilgrimage to Kenya. David and Kathryn will bring you all the Philanthropy news, including this year's congregational giving program We Sing Thanksgiving, M&S Service programs and resources, planned giving, and The United Church of Canada Foundation. David will also respond to your questions about what's happening in the General Council around things like remits, the move to one floor at 3250 Bloor Street, etc.

    Kathy Yamashita is a family doctor and a member of the Southern Alberta Japanese United Church. When she was preparing to take on the office of President of Alberta and Northwest Conference she wanted something meaningful to bring to the people of Conference. So she volunteered for the Mission and Service Global Pilgrimage to Kenya in March and April of this year. Having seen the good work done by our Mission Partner, the National Council Churches of Kenya, Kathy is enthusiastic about bringing that work to us.

    David Armour - As Director of Philanthropy of the United Church of Canada and as President of the United Church of Canada Foundation, David's role is to lift up the theology and practice of stewardship as integral to living out God's Mission throughout the Church. This includes providing support and leadership to all aspects of stewardship and giving programs in all courts of the church including the Foundation. David began his work life with juveniles in trouble with the law in Hamilton and he brings strong charitable experience from many previous roles including, the former CEO of United Way of Canada, Canadian Olympic Foundation and Canadian Medical Foundation, board member of Food Banks of Canada and past Chair of the board of the Pembina Institute in Alberta.

    Kathryn Hofley, Financial Development Officer for the Prairie Region, is part of a General Council team across the country who are passionate about the mission and work of our Church and, together with you, work to further our mission both here in Canada and around the world. Her responsibilities include educating, promoting, supporting, motivating and encouraging congregations and individuals to consider annual and planned giving to both their congregation and Mission & Service as an integral part of their stewardship and giving practice and work. Kathryn lives in Winnipeg, is a member of Young United Church, and volunteers with Mission Support Grant recipient West Broadway Community Ministry.

    David, Kathy and Kathryn are brought to you today by your gifts for Mission & Service. Thank you!

  5. M&P 101
  6. You're serving on an M&P (Ministry & Personnel) Committee and you're beginning to wonder what you've got yourself into! You're wondering about JNACs, JSCs, and Transition Teams. Well, this facilitator has the answers and solutions to all your frustrations! He will encourage you in ways to celebrate the Ministers and the Ministry of your congregation.

    Facilitated by Earl Reaburn, Alberta & NW Conference Personnel Minister. After 20 years of pastoral ministry, Earl undertook the position of Personnel Minister. Over the past many years he has supported congregations, pastoral charges and presbyteries in creating healthy and faithful environments in which the ministry of all people is nurtured and shared.

  7. Meet A Muslim
  8. We all have questions and ponderings about the Muslim religion and those who practice it. Why must women cover their heads? What is Ramadan and why does one fast then? If the Koran is a document of peace, why are so many people radicalized to commit atrocities in the name of Allah?

    Imam Syed Soharwardy is a Sufi scholar, chairman of the Al-Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly, and is the founder and current president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada. In January 1998, he founded the group Muslims Against Terrorism. He is willing to have a respectful conversation with us about our many questions, and will attempt to dispel myths and give us information with the intention of overcoming stereotypes and prejudices.

  9. Preaching the Big Questions
  10. Low Sundays don't happen anymore, and most of us are spinning on a dime, called from funeral to study group to the incessant planning for Sunday. We're rushed. Our listeners expect reflective cogitation and deserve sermons that mine the depth of our traditions and speak to life currently. Catherine is here to offer you the methodology she and John Young created for Preaching the Big Questions.

    Catherine Faith MacLean is Senior Minister at St Paul's United in Edmonton, and earlier she served in Canmore and Yellowknife. She holds a DMin in Preaching; her degrees are from Dalhousie, Harvard, and McCormick. Catherine has received two Louisville grants for study. She is President-Elect of the Canadian Theological Society, chairs the Edmonton Presbytery New Ministries Development Team, was part of the committee who wrote "A Song of Faith", is a contributor to Touchstone, and has a chapter in the upcoming textbook The Theology of the United Church of Canada. With John H. Young, Catherine published Preaching the Big Questions: Doctrine Isn't Dusty.

  11. Right Relations Conversation - What is White Privilege?
  12. As we walk the path of Reconciliation with our indigenous sisters and brothers, there is an elephant in the room which must be identified and confronted: white identity, power and privilege. We are honoured to have former UCC Moderator, The Very Rev Bill Phipps with us to lead what will be for some an uncomfortable and eye-opening conversation.

    Bill Phipps retired from pastoral ministry at Scarboro United Church in 2007, having previously served two congregations in Toronto, and having practiced law as a poverty lawyer. He was UCC Moderator from 1997 to 2000, and delivered the 1998 Apology for the United Church involvement in Residential Schools. He served as Executive Secretary of Alberta & NW Conference from 1983 to 1993. He is a founding member of the Calgary Peace Prize Committee, and his current passions include Climate Justice and Right Relations. He is married to Carolyn Pogue, author and UC Observer blogger. They have three children plus partners, plus four grandchildren, who live in Yellowknife and Toronto.

12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

  1. All Children Welcome - Sunday School Best Practices
  2. Most faith communities want to be more inclusive when it comes to children with special needs and their families. But it seems like a daunting task. Where to start? What questions should we be asking? What can we do at church and in our communities when the needs arise? How can our churches be a welcoming place for all children? Come and join the conversation of best practices!

    Two Workshop offerings:

    Practical Tips for your children's program

    Need some ideas? Come learn and share ideas for practical ways to engage and welcome all children in your programming

    Facilitator RaeAnne Langdon will encourage everyone to share their best practices and tips.

    Faithful Families

    Join the conversation on how to create, foster and encourage faithful spiritual practices everyday with the children in your lives.

    Lisa Penzo (St Andrew's) and Sheena Trotter-Dennis (Hillhurst) are experienced leaders in Children's and Family Ministry. They have hands-on and helpful information to share.

  3. Director's Role & Responsibility
  4. You volunteered to serve on your Church's Board or Council or Foundation. Do you realize that you are now classed as a "Director" and that there are legal responsibilities and liabilities connected to this role? Come and learn more.

    Sue Brodrick is a lay person who has served The United Church in many capacities. She is currently a member of the Board at Parkdale United, Chair of the Alberta & NW Conference Planning & Administration Committee, and member of the General Council Executive. Her work life included many years in the resource sector. She has "hands-on" experience of being a Director!

  5. Medical Assistance in Dying
  6. The impact of the legalization of Medical Assistance in Dying, for ourselves and our congregations. Since June 2016 Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) has been legal throughout Canada. In Alberta alone more than 170 people died receiving MAID, and 76 other patients applied but did not meet the criteria. Pastors, chaplains, church staff and church members are directly impacted by this recent radical social change. In this presentation we will explore the social impact of the legislation, our personal attitudes about medically assisted death, and implications for pastoral care. We will also hear about the experiences of patients and families who choose to explore MAID as an end of life option

    June Churchill MSW RSW MRE, is a registered social worker and an active United Church member. Now in retirement, June involves herself in many different aging and end-of-life programs. June is an active member of the local planning committee of the Calgary Chapter of Dying with Dignity. She has presented workshops for the community, church groups and professional organizations.

  7. More M& P
  8. It seems there is never enough time at these gatherings for Earl to answer all questions and/or offer advice for the "What do we do if " scenarios. In this second session Earl will continue to dispel some of the apprehension of the work of the M&P Committee, and provide some useful tools for that work.

    Facilitated by Earl Reaburn, Alberta & NW Conference Personnel Minister

  9. Reaching Across Boundaries
  10. Catherine served for 7 years as overseas personnel with Korean partners: the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and Korean National Council of Churches. Hear about the work our partners are doing.

    Catherine Christie, ordained in 1988, was settled in the prairies and served in rural churches until 2010 when accepted as overseas personnel and went to Korea. This fall, before retiring, she is sharing the story of this M &S partnership

  11. Right Relations Conversation - Talking Circle
  12. Come and continue the conversation that began in the morning session. The Reconciliation Path has many windings and turnings, but we need to keep the conversation open, respectful and ongoing.

    Elder Marilyn Shingoose will facilitate a Talking Circle.