Calgary Presbytery - United Church of Canada

The Calgary Presbytery
The United Church of Canada

201B 4th Street NE
Calgary, AB. T2E 3S1
Phone: (403) 287 - 0375
Fax: (403) 243 - 8920
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The Calgary Presbytery

Please address all written correspondence for the people below to: Calgary Presbytery Office
201B 4th Street N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2E 3S1
Phone (403) 287-0375
Fax (403) 243-8920

Presbytery Chair

Rev Jope Langejans

Past Chair

Hugh Johnson


Barb Lough


John Peartree

Presbyterial United Church Women

Margot Aftergood

Ministry Chairs:

Planning & Administration

John Den Hoed

Personnel Support

Hugh Johnson

Congregational Support

John Pentland

Local & Global Outreach

David Crawford

Licensed Worship Leaders

There are several Licensed Lay Worship Leaders who are interested in coming to your Church to conduct worship when your regular minister has a Sunday away for any reason. Their contact information can be found on the Licenced Worship Leaders page.