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The Calgary Presbytery
The United Church of Canada

201B 4th Street NE
Calgary, AB. T2E 3S1
Phone: (403) 287 - 0375
Fax: (403) 243 - 8920
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The Calgary Presbytery

Called to a servant ministry, encouraged to be in loving and just relationship with one another, with member congregations, with the wider church, and the world, we provide leadership and resources. Twenty-nine diverse and unique United Church congregations form the collective known as “Calgary Presbytery."

Our Statement of Faith

We believe in the creating and transforming God whose loving and healing Spirit revealed in and through Jesus the Christ helps us to live as a community of faith and witness in the world. Our Primary Focus

We, Calgary Presbytery and its presbyters, are mandated by the United Church of Canada:

  • To be one court within the United Church Structure
  • To have oversight of the pastoral charges and special ministries
  • To promote the religious life among the people of the pastoral charges and special ministries

We are called to a servant ministry:

  • To be in loving and just relationship with one another, with member congregations, with other courts of the church, and with the world
  • To support, nurture and guide presbyters and congregations
  • To bring before congregations the wider vision and mission of the church and to help them to find their role within it
  • To provide an official United Church of Canada liaison for public information
  • To facilitate and support ministries in the city of Calgary which are larger than can be dealt with by individual congregations
  • To identify social needs that have an impact on the people of the Presbytery region, and to provide leadership and/or coordination in response to them

Necessary Ingredients for a Good Presbytery Building Trust and Collegiality and Community:

  • through free flowing information through the freedom to ask questions 
  • through moving around to different churches 
  • through eating together through providing important materials to read ahead of time 
  • through providing time for understanding, background and decision making
  • through maximum participation and decision making by all persons
  • through recognizing, valuing and using the particular gifts of all members

Sharing Congregational Joys and Concerns and finding new insights relevant to congregational life and work Support and Nurture of Presbyters in their Work in Presbytery and Congregations  Integrative and Relevant Worship Good Communication with Other Courts of the Church