Calgary Presbytery - United Church of Canada

The Calgary Presbytery
The United Church of Canada

201B 4th Street NE
Calgary, AB. T2E 3S1
Phone: (403) 287 - 0375
Fax: (403) 243 - 8920
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The Calgary Presbytery:
Our Work and Ministries

Calgary Presbytery Executive

The Calgary Presbytery includes:

  • Chair
  • Past Chair
  • Chair Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Presbyterial United Church Women
  • Ministry Chairs:
    • Planning & Administration
    • Personnel Support
    • Congregational Support
    • Local & Global Outreach
  • Standing Committee: Pastoral Charge Oversight and Personnel

Supporting Ministries:

Ministry of Planning and Administration:

All of the working units under this Ministry heading involve some measure of planning or administrative activity for the Presbytery as a whole, relating to finance and accounting, or to planning for church development within the Presbytery.

Ministry of Personnel Support:

All of the working units under this Ministry heading have some relationship to the oversight and effectiveness of people in ministry throughout the Presbytery, either paid accountable or lay volunteer ministry personnel. Education & Students has been included in virtue of its relationship to other courts of the church through established United Church Personnel networks.

Ministry of Congregational Support :

All of the working units under this Ministry heading work with programs and activities for mission and education, within and beyond the local congregation, while promoting healthy congregations.

Ministry of Local and Global Outreach:

All of the working units under this Ministry heading have involvement with promoting the effective outreach of The United Church by strong public witness. The Stewardship Education portfolio has been included under this heading in order to reinforce the connection between resource allocation and mission/outreach.

Calgary Presbytery Society

The Property & Church Development Society was constituted to hold and buy land on behalf of the Calgary Presbytery.